masked intentions 

Design of publication and product design for 'Masked Intentions' exhibition at He Made She Made, Concept Gallery, in Sydney.

Exhibition: 21 artists and designers were invited to create a bespoke mask as part of the Masked Intentions exhibition and publication release. The brief was amorphous with the intention of generating a divergent body of work. From deeply personal experiences to social commentary to future projections, the conceptual narrative was as varied as the physical executions

Product: Elvis was birthed between the new moon in Aries and the full pink moon in Scorpio, a time of wildish energy, unavoidable challenges, self-doubt, renewal, secrets, temptations and mysteries. This Shamanic mask will read the destiny of your soul and assist in pursing your true visions through; Thinking big, Achieving goals and Soul Cleansing.

Materials: 3 Drops of ‘Mizone’ for the Chase, 3 Drops of Neoshaman Blood for the Kill, 3 Grams of Ash for Intention and Reverence + Concrete.


MI_Publication_spreads03 (2).jpg
MI_Publication_spreads04 (1).jpg


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